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Try These Tips For Tidying Up the Direct Marketing Database

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Don’t squander time and money trying to sell to people who aren’t there to get the message! It’s high time to clean up that database and make the most of the marketing budget, as sending mail and making calls to those who aren’t interested in your goods & services can really be wasteful.

Here are some tips of ways to clean up that marketing database.

In this day in age, we’re able to transmit a message to a possible lead with only an email or fax number. We don’t even need a name, although this is preferred as it’s impossible to personalize the message if we don’t have one. Really, what is the minimum information we need to market to someone? Consider ways to get your customers to ‘opt-in’ by giving their email address for some kind of free service, like product updates, webinars, or a free consultation. An email address is a great personal link to your customers, and this form of communication is relatively inexpensive, in comparison to print campaigns.

Do you have direct mail campaigns using the US Post as part of your marketing programs? If this list is to date and meets postal standards, this could qualify you for critical discounts on postage.

Go to the USPS site at: to find out more about cleaning up your database records.

Search for keywords on the Internet, including US Post acronyms such as ‘NCOA’ and ‘CASS.’

Ask for fax and phone numbers, email address, and other contact info from the same organizations discovered during the search on the Internet.

Some magazines publish direct marketing lists, and often these lists are made available for purchase. Others are available for free at the back of a publication or at the publisher’s web site.

Are your marketing programs in need of additional demographic info?

Dun & Bradstreet could be a worthwhile source to check out:

Another is InfoUSA:

Also speak with staff at trade publications you place ads with; in most cases advertisers are entitled to some type of database service.

Another great way to get the info – ask directly! Use the telephone, fax machine and email to inquire about updates to your records. However, if you expect a good amount of response, your query should present a good answer to the question ‘what’s in it for me?’ People value their contact info and will not simply give it out for free. But, by gathering this info with the person’s consent, you could be initiating a profitable business relationship with them.

Ultimately, the best way to keep up a clean and up-to-date marketing list is through frequent use. Every time communication is made with your contacts, in any method, you gain the opportunity to ask a new question, gather updated addresses, and get the news from those who have gone on to a new role or moved to another company.

When sending mail, ask the audience to get in contact with you if there are any informational updates needed. Every phone call is a chance to confirm info in the file. By using these methods in your direct marketing efforts, you should be able to hone in on your customers and convert more leads into sales.

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Find Direct Marketing Prospects – How to Find Direct Marketing Prospects

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If you want to find direct marketing prospects, you first need to believe in yourself. Then start building relationships with others who have the same beliefs as you. These relationships are really what it is all about. Listen to what your leads are telling you and try to match what your people need. What is happening in their life? What are they are looking for? Focus on their needs and not yours.

You cannot go into this business thinking about how you can get your needs and desires met. You have to think about every single person that you come in contact with. This means that when you get a lead, you need to listen to what THEY are saying and start helping them. Start building that relationship and watch it blossom.

If you are going to recruit and retain your prospects, you need to cultivate those relationships by reaching out to your people through your leadership. This is the key component to building a successful networking business.

“Alright, but HOW do I find these network marketing prospects,” you ask. Good question. While there are a multitude of ways that you can attract leads into your business, such as blogging, article writing, and Facebook, just to name a few, the most ideal way that MLM marketers have become successful is by replicating success of others. The real answer to being able to do just that, is through network marketing education.

The education will allow you to get the results that you are looking for IF you are committed to the educational program and carry out what is being asked of you. A good program will prove profitable if you do your part. What I mean is that the program will be only as good as you make it. It is like the analogy of people who join MLM programs and then blame the company for their failure.

The problem many MLM representatives fail is that many of the companies do not provide the adequate training that is needed to succeed. Most companies will tell you to just talk to your friends and family, coworkers, and then you can sit and watch your business grow. The problem is that while you may get a few people to join up, the majority of these people who run their business this way do not get very good results.

If you take a totally different approach using a mentor, you will fare 100% better because you will have someone who is literally guiding you through the very specific steps needed to market your business. Trying to convince people to join your business is a waste of time for most people. This is because of the simple reason that blasting everyone with your marketing message means that you are marketing to a lot of people who are not interested in what you have to offer. Therefore, this should not be your focus.

Creating your MLM success will result in targeting a very specific group of people who already want what you have. Bottom line is this: there is an easier and much more effective way to add more MLM reps to your business and it has absolutely nothing to do with chasing your friends or family. Get the education by using a mentor. Taking action with this simple step has the potential to dramatically changing your business and bringing you the results you are looking for.

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Developing Passive Sales For the Network Marketing Business

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One of the primary challenges for the new network marketer is “How do I get started?”

I’m going to outline several strategies using the tools and resources that we make available at Mystic Wolf Press. One point that I want to stress – There are over 6 BILLION people in the world and we can’t sell all of them. YOU are going to be experiencing a growth process with your new business and you are going to spend resources on the wrong people at times. You’re also going to occasionally, especially in the beginning, lose a sale from one of the ‘right’ people because you simply didn’t have the expertise or experience to handle the objections or close the sale.

Don’t beat yourself up over this. It’s all a part of the process and it’s important to remember that very few people are good at this when they first start out. You’ve embarked on a journey to become more and learn more, so your failures are going to be part of your process.

In this section we’re going to be looking at Passive Sales and Direct Sales. Passive Sales are what happens when a person follows your link back to your online catalog and then buys a product. Direct Sales are when you meet with a person face to face and sell them a product. Most people are uncomfortable with direct sales and find it inordinately hard to get started, usually because of a combination of negative attitudes and fears, which we’ll address later.

It’s vitally important at this point that you simply get started. One of the good things about the way I’ve set up the Mystic Wolf system is that you can be developing passive sales through your website while you are learning the Direct Sales business. In fact, it’s possible to actually develop a very good income through passive sales without ever seeing another person face to face.

I don’t encourage limiting yourself this way as I think the lessons learned from becoming a good salesman can benefit every part of your life. At the same time I recognize that some people simply aren’t ready to get into Direct Sales and I want to make it as easy as possible for a person to benefit from passive sales.

There are some interesting possibilities for developing passive sales. Thanks to the internet it’s possible that you could develop a thriving business without ever leaving your computer. One reason that I created the passive sales section of Mystic Wolf is so that people who want to work from home in remote areas can also take part and build up a great income.

Developing a Passive Sales Market

Using the tools we provide you can begin generating passive sales almost instantly on the internet by driving people in to your Mystic Wolf online catalog. Developing a strong passive sales market will allow you to make money even while asleep! I don’t know about you but most of the conventional jobs that I’ve worked have objected (strenuously and repeatedly in some cases) to my sleeping while “on the clock”. This alone is reason to build up your passive sales market, as far as I’m concerned.

Below are some ways that you can do this;

One thing to remember here – the URL for your Mystic Wolf online catalog is your link to profits and effectiveness. It should always be included on every email, business card and discussion group posting that you make from now on.

o Post Articles – I’ve made available several articles that sales team members can post around the internet. These articles have useful information that anyone can use. They also have a space where you can post a link back to your Mystic Wolf Catalog webpage. I encourage everyone to post our articles on internet discussion groups, to e-Zines and newsletters and through online PR services. Every member of the Mystic Wolf Sales Team has the authority to post these articles anywhere that they can find an outlet. The only caveat is that the articles MUST be posted in their complete form with all of the author’s information and links intact. There is a space at the bottom of each article in which to insert your weblinks to your Mystic Wolf Catalog. Anyone caught violating this will be deleted from the program and will forfeit all outstanding commissions. I take perjury, plagiarism and copyright violations very seriously.

o Use Online PR Services – There are a number of online PR services that you may use for free. We’ve even posted Press Releases that you may send out to as many PR outlets, including newspapers and magazines, as you like. There is a list of these in the Resources section in the back of this manual.

o Online Classifieds – I’ve had interesting success using online classified. It can be a bit time consuming until you develop a system, but there are literally thousands of newspapers, magazines and online groups that offer free classified ad space.

o – I encourage everyone to set up an Marketplace account and post Mystic Wolf Press products for sale through the auctions. There are some interesting ways to use Amazon. If you look closely you’ll even see that I’ve written reviews for other people’s books and included my website URL in a very visible way. At this point all Mystic Wolf products are listed on so by simply following their directions you should be able to post our items easily and quickly. Remember that you must have the item in-stock, on-hand and ready to ship within 24 hours to use Amazon Marketplace.

o Amazon “Listmania” and “So You’d Like to” guides – Amazon has other great tools as well. Once you learn how to display your URL in your signature line at Amazon you can begin spreading it all over their system. Listmania lets you connect Mystic Wolf products to other similar products in the Amazon system. I heartily encourage everyone to make full use of this. You may also create “So You’d Like to” guides from the articles that I’ve posted for sales team dissemination. This article list will continue to grow as we add new books and new authors.

o Online Communities – There are a vast number of online communities where you may post and get involved in discussions about meditation, spirituality, martial arts or any other subject that Mystic Wolf publishes. Get creative and look for ways to join in without just making a sales pitch. Most of us do that anyway right? Now you can do it and add the URL for your online catalog.

o Using flyers and posters – There’s much more to passive sales than just using the internet. Always carry a pad of Mystic Wolf flyers with you wherever you go. Make sure that you’ve followed the directions for printing your contact information label and have all of your flyers labeled. You’ll find endless opportunities to post these on bulletin boards and, with permission, even tape them in store windows. These flyers are available through our Distributor’s Resources website. They are professionally designed and available cheaper than you can print them yourself. The only reason that I discourage people from printing them at home is because then your final product looks like it was printed at home. Trust me on this, I’ve done way too much of it.

o Your Business Card – Your Mystic Wolf Press Independent Sales Rep business card is an extremely cheap resource that you can leave on bulletin boards, on counters in stores and pretty much anywhere else. Our cards are double sided and have a Mystic Wolf product on the back side, so it can be a stand alone advertisement for your online catalog and your business.

o Harmony Magazine – Leave copies of Harmony Magazine in every doctor’s office, library, on every store counter and in every other location that will let you. Make sure that you’ve labeled each copy with your contact information label.

o Bookmarks – Bookmarks are available through the Distributor’s Resources webpage and I encourage everyone to get some. These are even cheaper than business cards and people will pay more attention to them. I encourage people to leave them in library books, on the counters at bookstores and stuck to bulletin boards. While bookstores generally frown on this, I have heard of people who’ve had great success by slipping bookmarks into the books in metaphysical and self-help sections.

As I’m sure you can see the options for passive income are literally limitless. With a little creativity you’ll find how to make each of these options work for you. You’ll also find many new options and I encourage you to share these on the Sales Team Discussion groups as well as with your downline.

© 2006 Robert Morgen. This article may be used by anyone, anywhere as long as the author’s bio and links are included.

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Bull Market – Oil Stocks Vs Direct Participation Funds

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Oil stocks and direct participation funds have some key differences. Each offer investors different benefits, and depending on your situation, you may have reasons to choose one or the other. First, it is worth mentioning the differences between a bull and bear market, and how market changes affect investing strategies.

There are two types of market ‘trends’: a Bull Market and a Bear Market.

A bull market is usually a sign of investor confidence, but more importantly, it means that the oil companies (and other companies, too, but this is about oil & gas) have capital. One of the greatest challenges that smaller public oil companies have is funding and capital.

If you have ever purchased oil stock shares, you may have ended up with a loss if the company couldn’t complete funding a project. Oil stocks are good in a bull market, with a lot of capital, but if the market shifts, then the flurry of investors that cash out their stocks could leave the oil company bankrupt, as most of their cash assets have already been spent on drilling expenses.

In a Bear Market, the ratio of sellers to buyers is often greater, with investors capitalizing, or cashing out, their investments. This is very bad for oil & gas companies, which is why most of today’s oil companies use direct participation funds. With a direct participation fund into oil, investor money is secured by working interest in the program. The company is then free to plan and use capital more efficiently and effectively, leading to increased production, and ultimately: profits.

By far the best benefit of oil & gas funds is the tax advantages. Investing money into public companies and stocks gives you shares, but with private oil investments, you get to write off 85%+ of your investment. This may be why 96% of the oil wells in Texas are drilled by independent (private) companies.

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Opt In Direct Email Marketing – How to Succeed

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Opt In Direct Email Marketing – How to Succeed

Opt in direct email marketing is the action of using email marketing to its fullest, directly contacting willing subscribers who have opted in to your email list at some time in the past.

Opt in direct email marketing is probably one of the best ways to create a long term income online, and I think that sometimes new marketers start building their list far too late in the game because they are too interested in making the quick buck. It takes a few months generally to start making much money online anyway, so you might as well do it right from the very beginning.

So how to you use opt in direct email marketing to become wildly successful online?

1) Put an opt in email box on every web page you have

2) Create a squeeze page (a web page designed just to collect email addresses and names via an opt in email box) and use it for all your marketing

3) Learn to write opt in email marketing copy. This is a skill that has to be learned. Study sales copy, buy a sales copy course or an email writing course. Read the course, then practice the course. Write out some of the emails by hand. This exercise will be well worth your time. You simply must master the art of writing emails id you are going to succeed in opt in direct email marketing.

4) You must track every email title and content you send out for open rates, click through rates, and purchase rates, to be most effective at opt in email marketing.

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