Common Problems to Marketing Success – Part 6 – Limited Mindset

In the world of business marketing success, it is frequently the little things that kill momentum, hinder achieving goals, or impeding company growth. Having a limited business mindset is not a small thing and is one of the most destructive problems to marketing success. By limited mindset we are talking about the issue of listening to the wrong people.

There are so many gurus, so many magic buttons, so many perfect programs and so many marketing strategies, all designed to make everyone instant millionaires. In most cases the only one getting rich is the creator of the “program” itself. It is amazing the testimonies of marketers who are making astronomical sums of money from these programs and when closely examined, they spent almost as much on the marketing as they did in making this money. Thank goodness there are tried and true courses and programs that can help marketers and small business owners meet with real financial success. Mindset is ninety percent of the equation for success in every area of life. The limited mindset will wreck havoc with business success.

Individuals who listen to the wrong people will spin their wheels with “false efficiencies” and not target real success. Hours will be wasted in front of a computer but only a small fraction of capabilities will be achieved. The marketer will get stuck dealing with the same problems over and over again holding him/her back from making any real progress. I have watched these scenarios take place time and again because the business mindset has not been established.

Rectifying the limited mindset is not difficult for most aspiring business entrepreneurs. The answer is to get rid of the “stinking thinking” and actions that cause the marketer to do the same things over and over again and not meet with success. There are good CD’s and books on the business mindset. The internet is loaded with articles and materials that can help the limited mindset problem. I am blessed, as my employer, is so gifted in this area of helping people. Her book, “When You Can Walk on Water, Why Take The Boat”, has turned me and thousands of others around. I encourage you to win the battle of the mindset, and you too, can walk on the water of success.

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