The Survivors of 2009 – An Ode to Multi-Channel Marketing

The marketing battlefield has changed!
Don’t use a bayonet when you can go laser.
You MUST go “social”
You MUST get “networked”
You MUST be everywhere in order to be somewhere
The customer is no longer on the couch!
She is no longer channel surfing
He does not look … he finds!
She rides virtual waves
From her handheld
He Texts, IM’s, Nudges, Posts, and Sends
You must learn their new language
Of twitting and facing and spacing and tubing
This is a non-traditional, non-virtual place
Where SEO is the new Dewey Decimal System
Where branding messages drift like space junk
Unless they are grounded and focused
Unless they are strategic and bold.
This is not Ladies Home Journal, or Redbook “speak”
You must know how to “tweet”
This is War!
Bring in your first Expeditionary Forces
And find the buyer where they are NOW
In the blurts and cries of blogosphere
In the recesses of me and mine
In the pasted spaces and faces
In the nooks and books
Where thermal imaging
And E-guerrilla warfare
Hunts for impressions
And the footprints in the jungle are
Pay-Per-Clicks on a page
Where you prepare for the short haul
Because it will change in a flash
And you will to hit a virtual wall
And it will be tough before it gets easy
Because this is not for the faint of heart
This is not about “booking and waiting”
It is about “creating and making”
It is about “finding and surviving”
The virtual here and now
In this brave new day
Of 2009.

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